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Cut into the Future...

MagnaFreaQ is a solo project that is the brainchild of Mission District artist Manolo Enrique Davila.  Combining the sounds and textures of Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic music and African Percussion he synthesizes a sonic blend that is electrifying, futuristic and soulful.  He manages to capture the diversity of the San Francisco musical experience and magna-fi it into a potent sonic weapon of unimaginable power!


Manolo Enrique Davila

Mission District native, Manolo Davila, is an arts educator, performer and organizer who has been working on his craft and career for over 16 years.  A multi-instrumentalist by nature he plays a wealth of styles and instruments and seeks to synthesize his influences into a unique and fresh sound.  Manolo believes in the power of music, dance, and art to aid people in living harmoniously with themselves, their community, and their environment.

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